The 40” flat screen B&O TV needs no introduction, just to say it is brill for watching DVD’s and listening to CD’s. Both these activities take place in the TV.

Here is a quick guide to get you started. You will also find the QUICK START guide on the coffee table.



1. TV

Switch on the TV plugs (Plugged into the extension box on the floor).

Press TV on the B&O Remote Control. After several seconds the television will come on. A TV channel will appear. To change channels punch in the channel number or press the RIGHT arrow >> (Next to GO) to flick through the channels. The Channel menu is on the coffee table.


The CD/DVD Player is built into the television and you will find this underneath the TV screen. To the right of the centre you will feel a raised area. Press this lightly and after several seconds the DVD draw will open. To close the draw, press the area underneath the screen again, or press the DVD button on the remote control (RC).

Play both CD’S and DVD’S – Press the DVD button on the RC.

Switch-off the TV – Press the button with the RED DOT (RC bottom RT).

DVD MOVIE MENU – Press the BLUE button.

SUBTITLES– Press the GREEN button. Keep pressing the GREEN button until you get to the language you want – No need to press GO after you have selected your language.

AUDIO – Press the RED button for other languages without subtitles.

PAUSE – Press STOP and GO to resume. Press STOP Twice for a Blank Screen.

FAST FORWARD – Press the RIGHT arrow >>. For rewind press the LEFT arrow << – keep pressing for 4 speeds (1234).

MOVIE CHAPTERS – Press UP arrow ^ for next Chapter and DOWN arrow for the beginning of that chapter.

Keep pressing the arrows takes you to the next Chapter UP or the previous Chapter Down.

MUTE the Sound – Press the button between up and down volume button (Press the whole button). Press again for sound.

Next to the B&O TV is the storage cabinet.

Here you will find plenty of DVD’s and CD’s to play. Also, champagne and wine glasses etc.

Lodovico Acerbis
New Concept Stereo/Storage Low Cabinet

In the living area is a white wall cabinet. This cabinet is resting on Perspex stands and has florescent tubes built into it. At night time it looks as if it is suspended off the ground and provides a great backlight to this side of the room.

To turn the cabinet light on press the floor switch next to the cabinet.

Product description:
Sideboards with flap door and adjustable base in matt methacrylate. A rear channel protected by a methacrylate cover, houses the lighting source and hides all TV and HiFi connection cables.. Backs of cases with porthole to let light through and pre-drilled for wire management. Finish: matt lacquered in white. Inside structure white lacquered.

The Designer
Lodovico Acerbis

Lodovico was born in Albino (Bergamo) to a family of furniture makers. As a young boy he first designed a table and chairs for a toy shop. He gained a degree in Business and Economics in Milan and is currently the president of the company that bears his name. It is difficult to pin a label on him as he wears many hats. He is a designer, entrepreneur and manufacturer. Perhaps, calling him a designer who manufactures would be appropriate.