Wat Pho Massage in action…

To book this Traditional Thai Massage contact Khun Apple at KANDA Wellness Centre, KANDA Residences Samui.

Dear diary,

For a number of years we had been going for our holidays in Phuket, staying in the wonderful Boathouse hotel on Kata beach. Then one year we rented a villa with great sea views. A sea views situated villa was what we had dreamed of and renting was one way of experiencing that dream. After that we rented a villa with great sea views we never looked back.

Months later and back in Hong Kong, Adrian went to a property exhibition in the Mandarin hotel which was selling villas in Thailand. He rang me at work to say that he had found the perfect villa with sea views, but it wasn’t in Phuket, it was on the tropical island of Koh Samui.

Initially, I panicked. We had put a deposit down on a condo in Phuket with sea views, our second choice, as we had not found the villa of our dreams despite years of looking. Koh Samui was not on our radar, in fact the last time we visited the island was in 1989.

Reluctantly, I visited the exhibition with Adrian to see what had got him all excited. Upon seeing the beautiful villas proposed by the developer, most with sea views, we looked at each other and at that point, we both knew this was what we had been looking for all along. Within two days we had decided to purchase Villa 14 a beautiful Samui sea view villa in Koh Samui.

We were relieved when we got our deposit back from the Phuket property company and, could not believe our luck, years later, when we found that the Lanna style Penthouse we were going to buy, was not built as described in the plan – still with sea views, but with a flat roof – a lucky escape!

Mary hails from West Cork in Ireland and Adrian from London. We lived for many years in London until we moved to Hong Kong in the 1990’s. We are city people really and love the energy of Hong Kong, but we have always felt the need to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. We both had a dream of becoming villa owners, owning a holiday home where we could relax and rejuvenate.

Over the years we travelled around Asia and eventually settled on Thailand for its friendly atmosphere and easy going lifestyle. We thought Phuket might be the place to buy and become villa owners, that was until we discovered Koh Samui. Then one day we visited an exhibition in Hong Kong selling villas with sea views on Koh Samui and we made a snap decision when we saw the beautiful location with south facing sea views.

Koh Samui is now our home in paradise and as proud villa owners we try and get here as often as possible. We like to share it with friends and rent it to guests when we are not in residence. Our villa is so relaxing that we sometimes stay in for days without going anywhere. Because our villa is in a 5 star resort we get great villa service and all our needs catered for, all we have to do is lift the phone and call for whatever we need. Perfect bliss! It works for us and we guarantee it will work for you.

Lights are very important to us as they set the ambience of a room. Creating the right ambience in a room can be fun. Never be afraid to have too many lights in a room.

Small moveable lights are useful as they can be placed on the floor, on a table, on a bookshelf and just about anywhere in a room. If they are on dimmers all well and good as you can adjust the colour temperature to whatever suites your mood or needs. For example, dim for that romantic candle light effect or up high if you want to read.

We love our lights, which are head height, and we usually put them in the corner of a room to great effect. They can act as a key light in the room and then you can balance all your other lights to it. A lot of new houses have down lights already fitted in the ceiling and these are useful as a fill light in the room.

We find a combination of all types of light work well and the choice of lights is impressive as a lot of designers now include them in their product line up.

In the guest suite of villa 14 there are two articulated halogen lamps either side of the king size bed. These are great for reading at night as they can be set at any angle or bounced off the wall for a calming effect. Also, seen in the photograph are two silver framed low bedside tables covered in leather.

Remember, never be afraid to experiment with lighting and think of ways you can enhance the overall look of a room or change the mood by using small lights or lamps which can be placed anywhere.

In KANDA Residences Samui Villa 14, you will step out of the master bedroom and see the dawn sky …
the view never ever goes away

Even when you step inside the dining/living pavilion. This side of the dining area has a Luxaflex electric blind, which covers the sliding doors and windows. It also reflects the heat. This is very useful first thing in the morning as the sun rises on this side of the villa and can get very hot. Leave it down first thing in the morning and put it back up when the sun rises overhead.

If you are into cooking…

the view never ever goes away

No need to imagine the view you will have when you are dicing the onions on the island worktop. The dining area has an indoor outdoor feel about it when all the sliding doors are open.

Take a midday nap…

the view never ever goes away

Our day room | third bedroom with, you guessed it, a view of the sea. The four corners of this lounger can all be angled as seen in the photograph. This is a great room if you want to enjoy some time out of the midday sun reading or listening to music or you may want to take a midday nap. If you do, just draw the blackout curtains and put your feet up. To this end, we chose an Edra piece of furniture in white leather, which can be a banquette, a chaise and a really comfortable queen size bed at night.

In KANDA Residences Samui Villa 14 wake up to a view of Koh Matlang…
the view never ever goes away

Over the years, we have come to the conclusion that our best holidays also consisted of a very comfortable bed. Early on, we decided to splash out on some serious designer beds and mattresses. Most people visiting have a hectic work schedule and appreciate their good sleep, waking up refreshed and to stunning views of Koh Matlang.

Talking of beds, the day bed area on the terrace next to the pool, in aquamarine coloured mattresses and cushions, is another place to chill out. It is also the perfect place to have your Thai massage whilst enjoying the sea breeze.

the view never ever goes away…

Changes to the design of your villa

Buying a villa off plan? Here are a few tips if you decide you want to make some changes to the design.

During the early stages of construction it may be possible to make some design changes to your villa, but note, during the early construction phase only. There is no point going to the developer after the concrete has been laid and saying, “Can you make the pool bigger?”

Small changes, such as asking for different tiles on the floor or bathroom walls, should be within the capabilities of all developers, but beware, as some of your changes may incur further costs for you, especially if you are asking for gold taps on the bath! If the changes you decide to make come out at a similar cost to what was originally specified for your villa then the developer should not charge you for this.

Other changes may be possible without further expense, as long as you notify the developer ahead of time. However, the architect will have to make changes to your drawings, in this example, incorporating the bigger pool, but the trade-off will probably be a smaller terrace.

Note: the size of your land plot is not going to change, so keep that in mind when you ask for another bedroom to be added.

Also, consider when asking for any structural changes whether this will alter the general look of the development. The architect, when designing your villa, had to consider the overall design impact each and every villa would have on the look of the development, so asking for something that might end up looking like the annex to the Taj Mahal is a waste of time, it is not going to happen.

If you want to go down that road it would be better to find a piece of land and build your own villa.

Villa 14 is a South facing private residential luxury villa nestling on a hill on the far side of a 5 star resort on the north east side of Koh Samui.

Villa 14 is one of the best located villas on the island and has spectacular 180 degree views along the coastline throughout the villa. The villa has been individually designed with modern Italian and French furniture and has every amenity imaginable.

As you enter the villa, you will walk past white frangipani trees and stop at the magnificent frangipani tree by the pool to take in the panoramic view of the coastline and the turquoise sea.

The layout of the villa, which is ‘Bali’ style, allows one to be private wherever you are in the villa and exudes romance throughout, perfect for a honeymoon couple.

You will feel private here and at home, as we the owners have made it our home and not just a villa to rent.

Guests can be enjoying the view from the Living/dining pavilion while you are enjoying a moment alone together on the balcony of the master bedroom with a romantic view you cannot imagine. Rent this designer sea view villa.


For those of you who love interior design…
You will not be disappointed when you arrive at Koh Samui Villa 14, otherwise, known as the White Villa. Our interior designed villa has been carefully thought out and we have tried to balance the amount of furniture we put in each pavilion with the room size.
What is it about Italian design? We love the clean lines, wonderful materials and the simplicity that comes with great design.
We believe design and function should compliment each other, so we decided to keep to the clean lines epitomised by Italian and French design. Also we wanted to give the villa a really fresh, light and modern feel and not have the furniture distract from the wonderful views, which meant we had to ensure that the chairs and sofa in the dining/living pavilion not only looked good but were also super comfortable and every piece of furniture complemented each other.
Before our villa was completed we started organising our furniture. We visited furniture showrooms in Hong Kong and had a lot of help from our friends who own Le Cadre Gallery in Central, which we think is the best furniture design shop in Hong Kong. In the end as well as purchasing new pieces we decided we would take some of the furniture we had at home, purchases we had made years ago, but which were now design classics.

Rent white villa in Samui – KANDA Residences Samui Villa 14 – The White Villa

The first thing you will notice when you step into the lounge/dining pavilion is everything is white. It was a bold move on our part to choose white as originally the villa was going to be dark brown.

My wife Mary liked the idea of a white villa, so we politely told the developer that we did not want their brown kitchen, brown floor and brown furniture…We wanted WHITE.

In the end we had to design the interior ourselves, something we had done before. Oh boy, what a relief when we saw our finished villa with the white floor, white kitchen and white furniture in it.

We regret none of it, as it looks fantstic and works because the villa is very light given its great position and stunning views. Afterwards, we thought we would have to wear sunglasses because of the glare, but surprisingly, we did not. Our design tip: Go White where its Light.