Villa Samui white leather chaise

This room is the third bedroom/day room. It is such a lovely room with a great view across the terrace to the pool and the sea beyond, so we didn’t want to spoil it by putting two single beds into it, which would mean you only used it to sleep in.

It has become our day room, a place to escape the midday sun and take a nap or read. Just draw the blackout curtains and relax.

At night the Chaise in white leather can be laid flat and it becomes a queen size bed.

Edra Damier Chaiselongue
Based on the square module Damier with the same depth yet with a single frame. When flat, it is queen bed size. By tilting the two ends a double chaise longue is obtained which also allows a “face to face” format for comfortable conversing.

The frame is in tubular metal with a sanded and silver-colour coated support base. The feet are in brushed aluminium with scratch-proof tips in aluminium and rubber. The filling is in flexible and breathable polyurethane. With back covers in Lycra, it can be upholstered in leather and fabrics from the fabric collection and always has a buttoned finish.

Here is the low down on the designers for the chaise and the floor lamp in the third bedroom/day room.

The Designers
Francesco Binfare and Christophe Pillet
Damier ( Edra ) lounger by Francesco Binfare and Duplex Floor Lamp ( Ecart ) – Christophe Pillet.

Francesco Binfare
Francesco Binfaré born in 1939. _After having achieved his artistic education under his father’s guide, he started working for Cassina in 1960. At first as a researcher for new technologies then as Cesare Cassina’s assistant for the new projects and for the realisation of prototypes.

From 1969 to 1976 he was the director of the Centro Cassina In 1980 he created the Centro design e comunicazione for project development.

After he left Cassina in 1991 he designed the matching sofa “L’Homme et la Femme” (1993), Tangeri (1994) and Angels (1996) for Edra; the armchair “Girotonda” in 1994 and the sofa “Grand’angolo” in 1995 for Adele C. Painting, which he still claims is the main source of inspiration for his design. (source: Edra)

Christophe Pillet
Christophe Pillet graduated in Decorative Arts in Nice in 1985, than cooperated with Philippe Starck to become, in 1993; an independent designer whose main interests are projects concerned with interior design and interior architecture.

He takes part of this new and interesting pulse being contemporary French design; he was nominated for “Designer of the Year” in 1994.

Scrupulous designer in the rigorous choice of materials and finishing’s, he searched from the beginning a sober elegance in his collaboration with brands such as Edra, Trussardi, Daum, Lancôme, Shiseido and Whirlpool. (source: Stylepark)