Lights are very important to us as they set the ambience of a room. Creating the right ambience in a room can be fun. Never be afraid to have too many lights in a room.

Small moveable lights are useful as they can be placed on the floor, on a table, on a bookshelf and just about anywhere in a room. If they are on dimmers all well and good as you can adjust the colour temperature to whatever suites your mood or needs. For example, dim for that romantic candle light effect or up high if you want to read.

We love our lights, which are head height, and we usually put them in the corner of a room to great effect. They can act as a key light in the room and then you can balance all your other lights to it. A lot of new houses have down lights already fitted in the ceiling and these are useful as a fill light in the room.

We find a combination of all types of light work well and the choice of lights is impressive as a lot of designers now include them in their product line up.

In the guest suite of villa 14 there are two articulated halogen lamps either side of the king size bed. These are great for reading at night as they can be set at any angle or bounced off the wall for a calming effect. Also, seen in the photograph are two silver framed low bedside tables covered in leather.

Remember, never be afraid to experiment with lighting and think of ways you can enhance the overall look of a room or change the mood by using small lights or lamps which can be placed anywhere.