In the picture over, Mary is sitting with our friends Paul, Ronald and Leo from Le Cadre in Hong Kong who stayed in KANDA Residences Samui Villa 14. They gave us fantastic support whilst villa 14 was being built. During the construction phase we bought all our modern furniture from them and they stored it until our villa was finished and we were able to ship it to Thailand. Here are their villa recommendations Koh Samui:

Dear Mary & Adrian

We all thank you so much for sharing your wonderfully decorated villa with us. We feel very much at home very ‘Le Cadre’! (though Le Cadre doesn’t provide such beautiful sea views, fresh air, soothing ocean sound, etc.).

The perfect weather in the past days (except today) let us soak up enough tan to last through Hong Kong’s winter. I hope your remainder of the stay here will have the terrific weather and sun we have enjoyed. We definitely hope to return here again and again at different times of your visits so we won’t “displace” you elsewhere!

Enjoy your stay! See you guys back in Hong Kong in January. Again thanks for all you have done for us.

Happy New Year!
Ronald, Paul, Leo and Bing