Mary hails from West Cork in Ireland and Adrian from London. We lived for many years in London until we moved to Hong Kong in the 1990’s. We are city people really and love the energy of Hong Kong, but we have always felt the need to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. We both had a dream of becoming villa owners, owning a holiday home where we could relax and rejuvenate.

Over the years we travelled around Asia and eventually settled on Thailand for its friendly atmosphere and easy going lifestyle. We thought Phuket might be the place to buy and become villa owners, that was until we discovered Koh Samui. Then one day we visited an exhibition in Hong Kong selling villas with sea views on Koh Samui and we made a snap decision when we saw the beautiful location with south facing sea views.

Koh Samui is now our home in paradise and as proud villa owners we try and get here as often as possible. We like to share it with friends and rent it to guests when we are not in residence. Our villa is so relaxing that we sometimes stay in for days without going anywhere. Because our villa is in a 5 star resort we get great villa service and all our needs catered for, all we have to do is lift the phone and call for whatever we need. Perfect bliss! It works for us and we guarantee it will work for you.