Without a doubt, the location of Villa 14 is one of the best on Koh Samui. Why? Because it is close to everything you will need including shops and restaurants in Chaweng, which are only five minutes drive away and the all important drive to the airport, again only five minutes away.

Yet, when you arrive at Villa 14 and you look at the view you will feel you are a million miles from anywhere.

Let me run through the procedure for your Samui arrival.

Koh Samui airport is small with only one runway. The new recently finished terminals are a modern version of the old grass roofed huts that was once the old airport. The new airport is much more spacious, but don¬ít worry, Samui airport has lost none of its original charm. It’s just bigger.

Back in 1989 passengers were greeted with garlands as they stepped off the gaily-painted Disney like passenger carts and entered the arrivals hall. Today, the familiar passenger carts are still there, but you are no longer greeted, instead you are taken to passport control where you can watch your luggage arrive as you wait in the queue. Once you have had your passport stamped and collected your luggage you will have to walk to the meeting point where all passengers meet their pick-ups.

A driver from the resort will be waiting for you with your name on a card. Before you know it your luggage has been loaded and you are heading out of the airport. If you strike up a conversation with the driver don’t expect it to be a long one as no sooner you start you will have arrived.

At reception you will have to check in. The reason for this is simple, it will allow you to sign for things you have in the resort such as spa treatments or meals in the restaurant and which you will pay for when you leave. After check in you will be taken by buggy to Villa 14 and made to feel at home by the staff. Enjoy your stay!