Dear diary,

For a number of years we had been going for our holidays in Phuket, staying in the wonderful Boathouse hotel on Kata beach. Then one year we rented a villa with great sea views. A sea views situated villa was what we had dreamed of and renting was one way of experiencing that dream. After that we rented a villa with great sea views we never looked back.

Months later and back in Hong Kong, Adrian went to a property exhibition in the Mandarin hotel which was selling villas in Thailand. He rang me at work to say that he had found the perfect villa with sea views, but it wasn’t in Phuket, it was on the tropical island of Koh Samui.

Initially, I panicked. We had put a deposit down on a condo in Phuket with sea views, our second choice, as we had not found the villa of our dreams despite years of looking. Koh Samui was not on our radar, in fact the last time we visited the island was in 1989.

Reluctantly, I visited the exhibition with Adrian to see what had got him all excited. Upon seeing the beautiful villas proposed by the developer, most with sea views, we looked at each other and at that point, we both knew this was what we had been looking for all along. Within two days we had decided to purchase Villa 14 a beautiful Samui sea view villa in Koh Samui.

We were relieved when we got our deposit back from the Phuket property company and, could not believe our luck, years later, when we found that the Lanna style Penthouse we were going to buy, was not built as described in the plan – still with sea views, but with a flat roof – a lucky escape!