The Rock

Sightseeing around Koh Samui is fun and there are lots of places to visit. But if you want to get away from the crowds and have a moment of tranquility by yourself, then I have just the place for you on Koh Samui. Think air travel…this would be the view from the air; a stunning vista across the island to the east coast. Imagine, sitting on the rock in the photograph and taking in this magnificent view. This special place will make you feel as solid as the rock.

My secret place was discovered by a friend who came to stay last summer.

Jerzy loved exploring Koh Samui in his 4×4 motor vehicle and spent hours driving around the island.

On his travels he discovered places that were off the beaten track. Some are marked on maps of Koh Samui, but others are not.

Here is one place he discovered on the east coast of Koh Samui, off the main ring road just past Lamai.

A stunning viewpoint of east coast of Samui from a huge rock high up in the surrounding hills.

As you continue along the path you will find yourself surrounded by coconut trees and be reminded why Koh Samui is known as the island of coconut palms.

As you reach the crest of the hill it flattens out and ahead you will see a huge boulder and feel a fresh cool breeze on your face.

Head for the boulder situated in amongst a patch of trees. Once you arrive and step onto the rock the vista will take your breath away.

Don’t go to close to the edge of the rock, as it is a long way down. Just sit on the rock and take in the magnificent view.

Directions to the rock
Coming from Lamai turn right off the main ring road (4169) opposite Temple Sila Ngu onto a concrete road, which leads straight up the hill. The viewpoint you are making for is marked on the map as Overlap Stone Viewpoint.

If you are driving it is advisable to tackle this in a 4×4, as it is very steep in parts. Even if you are driving, I suggest at the end of the concrete road you park your vehicle on the road and set-off on foot for the remainder of the way. At the end of the path you will see the rock and you will not be disappointed.